What is the EIA?

The European Institute of Arts (EIA) is based in Rome, Italy, one of the world's most prestigious art and cultural centres. This strategic location guarantees world-class instructors specialised in art and cultural subjects, as well as synergies with prime actors of the international cultural scene, and a growing net of opportunities for the whole EIA community.

By joining the EIA, candidates from all over the world can benefit from a reputable preparation, authenticated certificates, and a unique hybrid learning experience, between home and a world's cultural capital.

Who are your e-nstructors?

All our courses are designed by international educational experts, who received top-class preparation from some of the world's most iconic learning and assessment institutes - Harvard Graduate School of Education, Cambridge Assessment, TEFL, and the IB - among others.

All courses are characterized by gradualintellectually-challenging, and professionalizing curricula that stimulate pre-acquired knowledgerefine market-demanded skills, and hone the candidate's vocational spirit.

What is your learning

environment like?

The European Institute of Art is among one of the world's first elearning institutes entirely dedicated to the arts. All programs are delivered online, through an intuitive, self-paced, and progressive learning environment.

You enrol. Learn. Complete your Course. Obtain your Certificate.

As a self-progressive system, candidates will be guided throughout the enrolment, completion, and certification processes by simply clicking the pre-designed, consequential learning pages.

How do we build your knowledge?

All our programs are designed according to strategic educational, pedagogical, and learning international practices to deliver dynamic and functional programs.

All our programs follow a gradual, consequential, and professionalizing learning scheme.

  1. We prompt and stimulate the candidate's previous knowledge (eliciting).
  2. We gradually introduce consequentially-building learning bricks.
  3. We monitor progress through strategic assessment.
  4. We consolidate. Verify acquired knowledge.

Professional Certificates


The Professional Certificates are thematic courses focusing on a specific subject, theme, or topic. Their hybrid learning style - blending active reading, critical writing, and re-elaboration skills - provide the candidate with a rounded academic and professionalizing experience.

€ 35,00


9-15 hours completion|Self-paced|Course+Assessment|Certificate

Candidates completing an allotted number of 3 Professional Certificates receive Diplomas - multidisciplinary, strategically-designed curricula condensing complementary disciplines, practices, and learning spheres.

€ 100,00

Executive Diplomas


Candidates completing an allotted number of 3 Professional Certificates and a supervised, personal final project receive an Executive Diploma - a competitive, advanced, and recognised qualification.

€ 150,00