European Observatory of Service-Learning in Higher Education

The aim of the European Observatory is to enhance and disseminate the knowledge of service-learning in higher education in Europe, as an educational approach that enhances students’ civic engagement, brings them closer to different social realities while allowing them to work in a real environment. Most of the time they will also be able to perceive at first hand the successes or consequences of their work.

European Association for Digital Humanities

The EADH brings together and represents the Digital Humanities in Europe across the entire spectrum of disciplines that research, develop, and apply digital humanities methods and technology. The EADH also supports the formation of DH interest groups in Europe that are defined by region, language, methodological focus or other criteria.
The Association for Humanistic IT and Digital Culture

AIUCD fosters methodological and theoretical research, scientific collaboration and the development of shared practices, resources and tools in the Digital Humanities, as well as digital applications in all Humanities disciplines. Additionally, it seeks to stimulate reflection on the theoretical foundations of computational methods in Internet culture.
The International Art Market Studies Association

A rapidly growing association with currently more than 400 members from countries worldwide. TIAMSA encourages the study of art markets of all regions and periods and provides an infrastructure which supports both research and networking among art market professionals and scholars.

The International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy 

A professional association with a global orientation and scope. It promotes a genuine global dialogue about the role and practice of the creative arts in education and therapy across all regions. The IACAET supports the acknowledgement and affirmation of creative arts practitioners through continuing professional development and by enhancing and safe-guarding training standards and practices through the facilitation of cross-regional, interdisciplinary and intersectional collaborations.

Association for Distance Learning Education and Independent Learning

The Association for Distance Education and Independent Learning is a professional association for anyone engagedin or interested in distance education. The goal of the organization is to provide professional development opportunities as well as opportunities for collegialityand interaction.
European Center of Independent Certification in E-Learning

The European Centre of Independent Certification in E-Learning (ECICEL) is a professional organization governed by Council and officers; it was established to enhance professionalism by maintaining the standards of distance programs and also improving on them. It provides high-quality distance education through accreditation, peer review, and institutional improvement.
Transgender Europe

Transgender Europe (TGEU) is a network of different organisations working to combat discrimination against trans people and support trans people rights. With over 150 member organisations in almost 50 different countries, TGEU strengthens the rights and wellbeing of all trans people in Europe and Central Asia.

Drag Swag NFT

Drag Swag NFT (DSNFT) is a visual, business, fashion, and technological project that seeks to map the Brazilian drag queens' culture and to transpose it onto the NFT world. Through a personal coding system - supported by sophisticated AI technology - DSNFT generated unique NFT assets sold by an ad hoc auctioning session. DSNFT is indeed among one of the world's first NFT art projects combining LGTBQI+ culture, technology, and cryptoculture.